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New Year’s Day Part 2: Dinner

8 Jan Leftover shrimp bowl

My first dinner of 2011 was decidedly less fun than my first breakfast, largely due to the fact that Adam was at work: I don’t particularly enjoy eating alone. Luckily, our NYE tapas created leftovers that were enticing enough to cheer me up. I just cooked up some pasta and tossed it with spinach and some of the leftover shrimp. I microwaved the shrimp briefly on medium heat, then added the pasta to the bowl they were already in to take advantage of their spicy garlic-y juices. The fresh spinach I just threw in at the end, and stuck a lid over the bowl to capture a bit of the steam so the spinach would wilt. Since the shrimp already had plenty of flavor I just topped my pasta bowl with a few dabs of butter, a spritz of lemon juice and some parmesan. I know there are old Italian rules about seafood and cheese but I tend to ignore those. An easy and satisfying meal- just what I expect from good leftovers.

pasta with garlic/hot pepper shrimp, spinach, lemon juice and parmesan


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