A Detour to the Library

31 Jan

I set off on an ingredient quest this afternoon, hoping it would be a quick and easy errand. All I need for tonight’s Roasted Potato Leek Soup is creme fraiche, and I was totally counting on the Market on Market to have some. Alas, they just ran out, and won’t be getting more in stock until at least tomorrow. Instead of turning my quest into an epic, I’m opting to do the sour cream/whipping cream substitution method and hoping for the best.

In order to keep my walk downtown from being a complete failure, however, I decided to stop by the library to look for some new audition monologues. I was a bit disappointed by the play selection, but the multiple aisles of food-related reading material quickly cheered me up. There were no copies of The Joy of Cooking on the shelf, but I ended up leaving with a few books. (Adam has already mocked me for getting food books from the library even though I already have plenty of my own sitting around, begging for attention.)

Regardless of the mockery, I’m pretty excited about my library selections:

from bookcoverarchive.com

In honor of Meatless Monday, I’m finally going to tackle Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals. I’ve heard mixed reviews; I’m quite fond of meat, so I’m not looking to be turned vegetarian, but I do like his style and I’m intrigued enough to try reading this one.

from simonandschuster.com

While I was browsing the many, many cookbooks, one totally tacky-looking tome popped out at me: America’s Most Wanted Recipes. The subtitle, “delicious recipes from your family’s favorite restaurants,” says it all. I’m planning a series of posts about ‘guilty pleasure’ foods, and this book totally fits that theme. Can’t wait to try making the oft-craved Red Lobster cheddar biscuits!

from tomstandage.com

Finally, I decided to give one of my father’s reading suggestions another shot. We don’t always agree on writing style, but he’s the reason I read The United States of Arugula, so I’m going to try A History of the World in 6 Glasses again. Of course, I have his copies of Goat Song and The Omnivore’s Dilemma sitting on my shelf, but library books just seem so much more exciting! Maybe that will help me get through a book that is, from what I remember, rather dry and repetitive.

Now, with leftovers from tonight’s soup and a new stack of books, I’m all ready to be snowed in again!

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