Blockheads and Mobile Blogging

15 Jan


Adam and I decided pretty last-minute that we wanted to come to the city this weekend. We were planning to come up sometime this month, but found out Tuesday that Maggie would be here this weekend, along with one of our other college friends, so decided to just go for it. Our ‘plans’ all revolved around meeting up with friends; no shows or restaurants or sightseeing, just people. Since Adam grew up outside the city and I spent a post-college year living in Brooklyn we don’t really feel the need to do the tourist thing.

And that’s why, Thursday night, after an afternoon of driving, we wound up in a steamy little restaurant on the upper west side. Two of my high school friends from Ohio are living in the city and, given that we’re all fairly recent college graduates with degrees in things like theatre and dance and sociology, we wanted to meet some place fairly inexpensive. Of course, Adam reminded me that ‘cheap drinks’ in NYC are still expensive compared to what we’re used to; that’s why I was so pleasantly surprised by the $3 margaritas on the Blockheads menu.

I’m not trying to do a restaurant review here. Just saying that it was great to get to hang out with old friends, and it was just a bonus that there were free chips and cheap margaritas.

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